Torul – The Measure
Torul - The Measure

Torul – The Measure

Sometimes an album needs to be praised, Torul – The Measure is one of them !

Lonely Heart is not a bad intro track nicely layered guitars and beats and of course Toruls trademark atmospheric Synths and clever production. Balance is an instant Hit, you can hear hints of a classic Tears For Fears song in the Vocal and Lyrics Department. Balance is pure brilliance and demands to be played on repeat. Difficult to Kill is another stand out track, funnily enough its something I expect which would go down well on Mainstream UK Radio or Bars in Soho or Hoxton in London.



Difficult to Kill is one of those dreamy floating away tracks which just works bloody well. All is the lead single of this album. Yet again another track of pure Brilliance. Torul are on a roll the beat when it hits is just superb, it has a slight acid groove which makes it addictive.


Lost For You is a cold ballad sort of reminds me of a mid 80s Gary Numan Ballad bloody dark unique and listenable. The More We Are reminds me of how Ultravox! – Dislocation would sound like if it had just been recorded yesterday. Discrepancy reminds me of a few songs of The Human Leagues 1979 Reproduction album which is a good thing!
Overall Torul Measure is a varied and Brilliant Album. Diverse in structure and style, and does make the drivel you hear in many clubs sound very dated.  This album defiantly please anyone who loved the darker end of the 80s or looking for something fresh in sound in a bleak world.



  1. Lonely Night
  2. Balance
  3. Higher
  4. Difficult To Kill
  5. All
  6. Hearts
  7. We Grow
  8. Lost For You
  9. The More We Are
  10. Discrepancy

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