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When Gary Numan was at his peak in 1980 with The Album Telekon, two Robots Appeared (Better dressed than most The New Romantics). They we’re Tim Dry (Tik) & Sean Crawford (Tok), both we’re members of the musical mime / dance troupe Shock. Tim & Sean during their time with Shock released several Singles on RCA Records: Angel Face (1980) and Dynamo Beat (1981) with very catchy musical production by Rusty Egan (Visage) and Richard Burgess (Landscape). As members of Shock, Tim & Sean supported Gary Numan, Adam & The Ants and Depeche Mode also Sean appeared in the Classic promo video to Ultravox – Passing Strangers (YouTube).

Tim & Sean decided to go their own way and formed Tik & Tok, they had the image and we’re very well-known. Appearing on shows in the UK such as The Royal Variety Performance and countless TV Shows with their cleverly crafted Robotic Mimes to backdrop of Futurist Synthpop. In 1982 they released their first Single on Survival Records as Tik & Tok, called Summer In The City  Their second single Cool Running  got them into The UK Top 75 Singles Chart at No.69 in 1983. Their follow-up Single Screen Me, I’m Yours got them to No.17  in the UK Indie Singles Chart in 1984.

Tik & Tok Intolerance LP

Intolerance LP 1984

They released their first album called Intolerance  in 1984 on Survival Records. It reached #89 on the UK Album Charts that year. The album featured many of Gary Numan’s backing band and a Guest Appearance by Gary Numan himself on keyboards, on the track Show Me Something Real.  The album also included a Cover of Gary Numan’s A Child With  A Ghost. Two further Singles we’re released in 1984 Everything Will Change & Higher Ground. Intolerance as an album was a mix of Break Dance Beats, Synthpop, Electro Rock pretty much what a Robot would have been into.

Apart from their Music Carrear Tim & Sean would appear in Star Wars and also a humorous TV Appearance as Tik & Tok dressed as Cone-heads alongside Gary Numan on the Leo Sayer Show. (YouTube)  Tim was the face of many 80s Adverts. Tim went on to work with Georg Kajanus of the Synthpop Act DATA to form NOIR. NOIR released a Single called Walking and an album in 1997 called Strange Desire.  Tim & Sean came back together again as Tik & Tok and released the Tik & Tok EP in 2004. In 2006 they released three Limited Edition EP’s Slightly Deranged EP, Intolerance Xtras EP & Vintage LO-FI EP. A New Album called Dream Orphans was released in 2007.

Tik & Tok have now released Intolerance 2 (Mega) the 28 track edition.  Which includes the full Intolerance Album and all the Single Mixes and B-Sides, Demo Tracks and their classic Robotic Performance Music. Stand out tracks from this collection include Show Me Something Real, Screen Me I’m Yours, Robot Music, The Garden, I Know That You Know. If you like early Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, John Foxx, Ultravox you will defiantly love a good few tracks. Tik & Tok we’re very original. For £10 for 28 Tracks it is worth getting a copy from Bandcamp.

BUY NOW:  http://tiktokintolerance.bandcamp.com/releases

MORE INFO: http://www.tikandtok.co.uk/


Crisis (edit) 02:46
(Long Hot) Summer In The City 04:40
Robot Music 02:52
Tube 02:37
Days Of Glass 02:23
Cool Running (Demo) 04:26
Vile Bodies 04:16
Cool Running 12″ Edit 04:29
Screen Me,I’m Yours 03:37
Screen Me, I’m Yours. 12″ Mix 04:25
Dangerous And Unafraid. 12″ mix 03:09
The Garden 03:29
Everything Will Change 05:23
Cracking Up 04:41
Theme From The Dome Bros. 04:17
Soulless Synthetic Heartsteps Of Unconcerned Androids 04:19
A Date With The Palm Sisters 06:20
Show Me Something Real 04:15
I Know That You Know 04:46
Intolerance 1 04:23
Intolerance 3&4 04:51
A Child With The Ghost 04:24
Holding On 01:16
Higher Ground 03:30
Higher Ground 12″ 04:57
Down From The Sky 04:33
Psych Out At The Dunheadin Masqued Ball 02:47
If You Really Want Me 04:50

Intolerance 2

Intolerance 2 (Mega)