It’s been a long break but The Thin Wall its back up to its usual service.  The brief gap has been because I Lost my Mum to a freak accident and my Dad a lot older than her had a major stroke which has left wheelchair bound and Blind and in need of permanent care which is costing more than an arm a and leg  a month. So got left with a large House needed doing up and other legal/financial issues over last few months which put my life on hold.  I’ve gone back to looking for new music and soon you will hear a lot more tracks on The Thin Wall Radio. But slowly sorting mess out, which should be over by September.

With The Thin Wall it all started with a Mixcloud Show over a year ago which seems to be quite popular. I had left Djing in Clubs as London as was chewing up to much my time for little Financial Reward. I don’t regret running Living on Video some amazing nights but wanted to play what I liked for a change so Mixcloud became my little home on-line. Then I was stupid enough to get a Radionomy Stream which actually had a following, but then went full steam ahead getting proper Radio Hosting and some Apps and forked out for a PPL and PRS Licence which is not as expensive as I thought it would be.   Since then on Twitter, Mixcloud and Facebook have luckily been rewarded with Followings for my efforts so really do appreciate you all as proves what I do is worth doing. Unlike other on-line stations The Thin Wall is done for love not Money at my own expense we don’t get any grants like a Community Station.

I think The Thin Wall is unique well in the UK as pretty much only on-line radio station playing: Gary Numan, John Foxx, Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Visage, Japan, Soft Cell, Covenant, David Bowie, Front 24, Nitzer  Ebb, The Human League and many modern acts 24/7 Advert Free.   I get sent a lot of Music but have a limited time to listen and review it.  But do add a lot when I get the Chance.  The Radio Station is doing pretty well in listener sense nearly 15,000 unique listeners in less than a year so thank you.

My aim which is not selfish is for The Thin Wall to partly fund itself, but not via advertising. So if you like T-Shirts we’re making some next Month as The Thin Wall will remain commercial free as long as possible. I don’t like Radio Adverts myself. 96% of tracks you hear played on The Thin Wall are purchased apart from what I get sent by Unsigned Bands or Labels.   I do have plans eventually to have live slots on The Thin Wall have a list of DJ’s already who I think are great to do so. But this will be n the near future. Anyway I hope this update explains why things have been quite.   Rob my sidekick in Crime has also been busy so Hang The DJ our little Mixcloud Show has been delayed but that won’t be for much Longer.

Mark, The Thin Wall