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After many thoughts of making the Station Pay for itself and giving a quality product for people to buy to support us.  I have decided later this year be releasing a Compilation of New Music of the best British Acts about. I know a lot of Artists and some get played on the The Thin Walls Radio Stream and many have made our mixes on Mixcloud. There was the classic Some Bizzare Compilation and Trevor Jackson Metal Dance Compilations and the Brilliant B.E.F Compilations in the past which really did show off a lot of talentSo we will be working on that level of quality when compiling tracks for the Album. Profits go purely to the Radio Station and Artists will get a lot of exposure in return and those who buy the CD will really have a nice product in their hands.

I myself have got releases distributed, designed countless Album Covers and ran promotion campaigns.  And as a former DJ do think I have a ear for quality (only thing I can say I know well is Music ) The release would be on iTunes, Amazon (CD/Digital) and Bandcamp  and heavily promoted.  It would be production quality focused as there are no small labels, left but countless songs by acts which need to be heard.  We are also involved in a Charity Album which will be raising money for a Small Mental Health Charity in Croydon South London later this year.  We will be inviting artists in the near future to contribute tracks.

Mark Carter
The Thin Wall Radio


some bizzare


metal dance 2