the thin wall radio

The Thin Wall took a 250 Mile move North in the UK in late 2017. And now in 2019 is run from a 60ft x 12.6ft Widebeam Barge which will be moving all over the place. Sadly time to update Playlists and make Mixcloud Shows was non existent plus setting up a Business to pay the Bills is very time consuming . Think we have made £15 in donations over last 4 years on PayPal and pay £500 a year to keep the online stream, licensing and hosting to keep The Thin Wall going. So sadly the day job and move put the Online Radio Station on hold. We’ve just invested in a Recording Setup as our aim was always to do live recordings. There’s a lot of music purchased on Band camp, iTunes, Amazon which has not been uploaded to the Server from 2018. Luckily we have a 4G Router so uploading will not be an issue, where ever The Thin Wall HQ is floating. Very soon a new Mixcloud show will be up with some new Music and Rob and myself explain our plans. Which are all positive with the online station, and give a low down on how we got into such music. We both love the The Thin Wall and don’t want it to vanish as we feel its a very unique outlet for music you will unlikely hear on Commercial Radio.

We do have a personal Bias of what we do and don’t play and we go for club friendly, the innovative and the unique. Certain late 70s and early 80s Artists set the goal posts and they tended to be in general to be slightly dark or challenging.

Rob & Mark

The Thin Wall Radio