Sounds From The Asylum
  • Sounds From The Asylum


Sounds From The Asylum is a must have for the collection.

Been a long time for any real UK Goth Industrial Electro compilations to come out in the UK. The scene in General has been flat on its face for a while no matter what anyone claims. Luckily Snide Records with Sounds From The Asylum has pulled it off. Sounds From The Asylum Is a varied 2 CD Compilation. Musical Highlights on the CD1 which starts more on the Electropop end are The Thought Criminals – Depression, Black Nail Cabaret – Therapy,  Dicepeople – End Of The Line. There is also a Wumspcutt remix for you industrial lovers. CD2 You have Attrition – Mind Drop, White Angels Watch – Panic Attack and bizarre but we’re enjoying it TONTTU a Finish Act which is just unique. There’s many other great songs on these 2 CDs and all we’re compiled very well as there’s a great flow going on.  Personally we have not skipped any tracks so would only be fair give this brand new Labels first effort 5/5. This really is a great effort and one for the CD shelf also helping two UK Based Mental Health Charity’s in the process when buying this compilation.



Sounds From The Asylum