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Welcome To The Dancefloor is Rusty Egans Debut Solo Album.Rusty Egan pretty much formed Visage the legendary New Romantic Act.  He started of as DJ in Soho and pretty much got Spandau Ballet a Record Deal. He’s also known for the legendary Blitz Club and also for being the drummer of The Rich Kids.  When it comes to Electronic Music and Clubs Rusty Egan put Ibiza on the Map. If you ever get to meet him He’s a straight talking, no nonsense guy and completely on the level.  Rusty has a love of Melody and Welcome To The Dancefloor is an album full of brilliantly crafted melodies.  The album also boasts some legendary recording Musicians, Midge Ure (Ultravox) , Chris Payne (Gary Numan Band), Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order). Guest Vocalists include Midge Ure, Andy Huntley, Tony Hadley just to name a few. There is not one filler or weak track this album is just pure class.

Stand out tracks are Dreamer with Arno Cartsens brilliant Vocals (The Bonus Metroland Night Remix is just as good) , Glorious featuring Midge Ure and Hero featuring Andy Huntley all potential Singles.  For the ballad track it has to be Love Is Coming My Way featuring Eric Stein.   As a musical nerd  I did spot something others may have not noticed on the track Thank You, which reminds me of Chrisma – Thankyou from 1977 but Rusty has pulled it off well as usual. I have to give this a 5/5 and it is not down to bias this is a truly brilliant album.

Review by: Mark Carter



  1. Welcome to the Dance Floor
  2. The Other Side (feat. Peter Hook)
  3. Lonely Highway (feat. Tony Hadley)
  4. Hero (feat. Andy Huntley)
  5. Love Is Coming My Way (feat. Erik Stein)
  6. Ballet Dancer (feat. Erik Stein)
  7. Be the Man (feat. Kira Porter)
  8. Evermore (feat. Emily Kavanaugh)
  9. Dreamer (feat. Arno Carstens & Andy Huntley)
  10. Glorious (feat. Midge Ure)
  11. Love Can Conquer All (feat. Nicole Clark)
  12. Wonderwerke
  13. Thank You

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  • Rusty Egan Presents: Welcome To The Dancefloor