For nearly two years we have run a Ad Free 80s & Modern Electropop / Alternative Online Radio Station ad free for the Love of it, may be even longer. Also we have done loads of Mixes for Mixcloud and Built up quite a listener base which rivals the listener base of sponsored Community Stations which get Grants and Donations. We have purchased 99.5% of what we play (the 0.5% is Promo).  We are still going to keep the Station Free and Advert Free as not really another station out there playing what we do. But to cover some the costs such as our PPL & PRS / Hosting Fees we will be selling Merchandise yes T-Shirts and useful things  at reasonable rates) and having a few ads or sponsored features on the website.

Some Highlights for us is being noticed and retweeted by the likes of  Rusty Egan  from Visage.  You will also here new Music by Bands you never heard off.  Updates have been here and there and everywhere due to personal issues and now a Broken Foot lol.  Web Technology has advanced and also slicker WordPress Themes and functions are out there now.  We will be getting someone else apart from our Steaming Host to provide us with a Android App soon.   The Thin Wall is still run by two late thirty somethings so Musically nothing will change but will be adding more to playlist as we move forward.


Mark & Rob

The Thin Wall Radio