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Album review by M. Carter

It’s been a long time since Empire State Human have done an Album. Back in the early 2000’s Empire State Human (ESH) was one of few Modern Electropop Acts about. I noticed ESH because of  Aidan Casserly the lead Singers Voice and they didn’t sound like a Depeche Mode Clone Band when 98% of acts at the time did. The new album Romo This is not an album of fillers and production wise has come a long way from ESH’s Pop Robot Album back in 2002.  This album has a strong Late 70s Early 80s theme Musically with clear influences to Visage, Kraftwerk, David Bowie and Giorgio Moroder and Soft Cell on some tracks. The Production is ESH’s best to date and real analog synths we’re used in the recording which you can hear.  ESH have always had a unique Percussion Sound but on Romo I think they really have got it to a perfect level.

Stand out tracks on Romo are  I Kick Ash which is a strong electronic number with a Giorgio Moroder meats Vince Clarke Groove. Then there’s Nightboy a song with references to to the late Steve Strange, which is a perfect analog synth track and the Single of the album (Should be a Single !).  Future Sex is a great number, as a fan of Futurism and Sleaze like Soft Cell this song is bang on the money, a very well crafted number. Walking With Bowie takes you back to David Bowies Low Album. Automation is another Track which I feel should be remixed as a Single the chorus works perfectly.

I do have a bias as know Aidan Casserly well but this album deserves a 5/5 for Production and the fact ESH sound Unique today as much as they did 15 years ago.

empire state human romo












01. I Kick Ask
02. Into Grey
03. Night Boy
04. Automation
05. The Invisible
06. Future Sex
07. Dust On Dust
08. My Darkest Hours
09. Nomophobia
10. Walking With Bowie


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