The Thin Wall Radio is a Liverpool, UK based Online Radio Station which launched on the 4th November 2015 in London. The Radio Station focuses on the following Alternative Electronic Genres. Early Eighties Synthpop, New Wave, Modern Electropop, New Romantic, Industrial, Post-Punk, Synthwave, Coldwave and Electro / EBM.   We select Music by qulity of production and lyrics.

The Thin Wall Radio is run by the duo Rob Barret & Mark Carter, a pair of Dark Early 80s Electronic & Alternative Music Fanatics. Ones a DJ and the other studied Music. Both have a taste for good Musical Production. They play what we feel is great, they also play tracks by New Acts who we feel are on the right path.  The Name The Thin Wall comes from the brilliant Ultravox Single The Thin Wall (Click here to watch the Video) !

The Thin Walls Online Radio Station is self funded and PPL/PRS Registered in the UK. The Thin Wall supports Musicians and nearly all the music played gets purchased on iTunes, or Promos provided by Artists / Labels !

We play Classic and New tracks by the following Artists: Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Ultravox, John Foxx, Visage, Japan, Soft Cell, The Human League, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, OMD, Heaven 17, Cabaret Voltaire, Devo, Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Erasure, A Flock Of Seagulls, Robert Marlow, The Normal, Tubeway Army, Adam And The Ants, Icehouse, Bronski Beat, Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, The Smiths, Ministry, Clan of Xymox, Sisters Of Mercy, Bill Nelson, Frank Tovey, Giorgio Moroder, Our Daughters Wedding, Public Image Limited, Killing Joke, Clan Of Xymox, Dead Or Alive, Marc Almond, D.A.T.A, The Weathermen, Fad Gadget, The Cure, Kirlian Camera, Death In June, Dramatis, Zaine Griff,  and hundreds more classic artists.

We play Modern Electropop/ Futurepop/ Synthwave/ EBM from the following Artists: Covenant, Goldfrapp, VNV Nation, Ladytron, IAmX, Mesh, And One, Pride And Fall, Mesh, De/vision, Apoptygma Berzerk, Blutengel, Project Pitchfork, Torul, Kirlian Camera, The Thought Criminals, Rotersand, Analog Angel, Empire State Human, Kubo, Foretaste, Dekad, Syrian, Diorama, Felix Marc, Kavinsky, Pertubator, Children Within, Syntax, Luke Slater, Prodigy, Seabound, Blume, Icon Of Coil, Funker Vogt, Empire State Human, KuBO and hundreds More.

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